The Land Investment Association is a private real estate investment group focused on wholesale bulk land and lot investments. Our goal is to make investing easier and more profitable by educating our members, and collectively negotiating wholesale discounted real estate purchases.

We believe in the saying "through knowledge comes power." The Land Investment Association provides education on land investing, and the opportunities for our members to purchase land prices that simply cannot be found on the open market. Through collective bargaining, we negotiate directly with the developer to get steep discounts, enabling members to realize an instant additional equity position versus market value. Our combined 30 years experience of analyzing real estate deals enables us to quickly provide research and due diligence on various development opportunities for the association to utilize.

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Benefits of Joining the Land Investment Association
  • Get in on Ground Floor Developer Pricing
  • Education on Land Investment and Strategies
  • Additional Developer Incentives for Members
  • Due Diligence and Research from Professional Real Estate Consultants
  • Access to our Affiliated Partner Program, The Best Companies in Their Industry!
  • Membership is Free!

Looking to invest in land? You’ve found the right place! We find investment opportunities in the hottest markets, we do the research and due diligence on the projects, we do the price negotiating, and we work with you to find the deals that match your investment criteria. We educate our members, help them build a successful team, show them how and where to invest, and best of all, connect them with the proper people to ensure a sound exit strategy based on the investor’s objectives.

Our system is changing the way investors purchase land! Click on any of the below links to learn more.

How-to Articles
Real Estate Trends
Develop the Skills
Invest with Confidence

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Build Your Team:
Find Lenders
Find Title Companies
Find Law Firms
Achieve your Goals

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Invest Smarter:
We do the Research
We Negotiate the Deal
We Package and Present
You Save Time and Money

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The Know-How
The Right Markets
The Right Projects
The Benefits of LIA!

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Let LIA do the hard work for you!

We provide our investors with due diligence reports on every project. This allows you to make you investment decision on facts, and not marketing. LIA has no costs for education, and no commitment to invest. Join The Land Investment Association today, and start investing smarter!

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Let LIA find the deals for you!

Not only do we provide education for you and your clients, but we bring the investment deals to you. Once you register clients with the Land Investment Association, you both are protected. LIA will provide you and your clients with the knowledge and opportunities they need to succeed!

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We are looking for the best!

We are continuously looking for the next great land investment opportunities. If your project meets our member's investment criteria, we can assist in absorbing significant inventory. We are currently looking for land investment opportunities in the Southeastern United States and beyond.

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Brokerage Services provided by Land Investment Association, LLC

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